N.E.W.S. Logistic
N.E.W.S. logistic software approach

Created by logisticians
for logisticians

Why N.E.W.S.?


We adapt and adjust our
warehouse management
system to your processes and
operations, instead of
adapting your processes
to the existing WMS.

Easy to use
and intuitive

We offer an easy setup and
customer friendly configuration
without any coding. Just use our
customizable process creator.

maintenance plan

You can choose a suitable
maintenance plan according to
your current needs. Ask us for
the best option dedicated to
your business.

Open-source tool

Interested in investing in an
open-source warehouse
management platform? This
option allows your IT team to be
creative and gives you the
development you need.

Support 24/7

We support you with expert
technical services whenever
and wherever you need us.

About N.E.W.S.

N.E.W.S. is innovative software for management of a highly automated warehouse, designed by logisticians for logisticians.

The system flexibility and openness to process changes allows fully adaptation of functions to warehouse operations – regardless of the warehouse space, number of employees, amount of stocks, industry or processes. N.E.W.S. is a dedicated solution which really contributes to improvement of quality, performance and comfort of work in all key areas of your business. 

Functional highlights

Goods In
Stock Take
Integration with host (ERP)
Integration with automatic warehouse equipment
Work center
Printable tasks

Technical highlights

Oracle database

  • used in WMS / APEX


  • syntax and semantics easy to understand
  • the ability to use many variables, expressions and commands 
  • easy to create new processes

Web interface

  • HTML5
  • Personal Computer
  • PDA (mobile)

Integration methods

  • Database
  • File
  • Web Service
  • TCP/IP + port


  • Weights and dimensions
  • Bar codes
  • ABC
  • Custom Analysis Codes
  • External codes
  • Holds
  • Addresses
  • Segments
  • Location types
  • Employee, tote (also topology elements)
  • Zone gateways
  • Movement direction
  • Pick best route
  • Series/serial number
  • Expiry dates
  • Lot trace/track
  • Quality hold
  • Totes and pallets
  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Restrictions
  • Multi level parent/child
  • Customization
  • Easy configurable
  • One process - multi interface types
  • Integration
  • Automated equipment
  • Processes
  • System setup
  • Rules
  • Item balances
  • Reservations
  • Node content
  • Movement ledger
  • Putaway (put rules, SKU restrictions, location restrictions, task restrictions, transport unit restrictions, sealing)
  • Replenishment (rules, min./max. in location and zone, SKU restrictions, location restrictions, task restrictions, transport unit restrictions)
  • Pick (parallel pick, automatic warehouse equipment, location restrictions, task restrictions, transport unit restrictions, ad-hoc stock take, rule based control process)
  • Pack (repack, label printing)
  • Ship (consolidation by routes and stops, control for completeness, weight control, gates management)


N.E.W.S. software was designed with current and future logistic challenges in mind.

The system may be easily integrated with any warehouse and accounting software implemented in a company, including custom-made software. 

Host integration (ERP)
Integration with automatic warehouse equipment
Various integration methods


With N.E.W.S. you gain full control of your warehouse processes – 24h/7, irrespective of a place, from any device.

user interface

  • Intuitiveness  
  • Ergonomics 
  • Flexibility
  • Informational content  
  • Personalization

user interface

  • Intuitiveness
  • Ergonomics
  • Main approach (one screen = one input field)
  • Session recovery after break
  • Access from PDA, tablet and mobile phone

Try N.E.W.S. now

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WMS Webinar:

30th of June 2021